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A. Navarra

A. Navarra

The Navarra group was born in 1977 in the city of Braga in Portugal. Its main business activities are extrusion, surface treatments, commercialization of aluminum profiles, fittings and mounting of thermal bridge break profiles. It also ensures the machining and precision cutting of profiles for the most diverse applications. It is formed by four companies: Navarra - Extrusion of Aluminum, S.A; Navarra II - Treatment of Aluminum, S.A .; Navarra III - Accesorios de Alumínio, Lda; N.2.a.

The entrepreneurial spirit, its vision and the evolution of the market have allowed a strategic development since its creation, increasing its productive area to 31,426 m2, a number of employees of about 450, a distribution network with 14 points in Portugal and 1 in Angola. And sales representations also in Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Austria and PALOP.

Navarra has the N18200 series in BIM.

Download the BIM files of this series HERE