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Nov.2017. Technoform specific polyamides for sliding systems

Nov.2017. Technoform specific polyamides for sliding systems

Technoform specific polyamides for sliding doors.

Sliding type enclosures tend to be more laborious systems, mainly because the complexity leafs of the central frame and the usual tests that are done to comply with the regulations. 

That is why it is very important to have the ideal elements to design a sliding window that combines the functional and the aesthetics with the best thermal performance. To do this, Technoform Bautec has developed specific solutions on this matter.

Anti-bi-metal strip 

One of the problems that slide systems usually presents is the bi-metal effect or profile curvature. This happens mostly in dark profiles that are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. In the case of profiles with thermal break, there is a difference in temperature between the inner and outer profile: the outer profile under the sun heats up and dilates while the interior profile remains at a lower temperature and dilates less. This temperature difference causes the aluminum to curve and cause problems such as that the leafs can't slide properly on the rails or even close adequately.

Thanks to the design of the anti-bi-metal rods, this problem is solved since the polyamide acts as a mechanical agent that prevents the aluminum profile from bending. In addition, the variety of measurements of this kind of strip in the Bautec Technoform catalog, allows to easily replace the current strip, without losing traction values, or the need to modify the production process of the slide itself.

Special polyamide for the central frame leafs (Chicanes)

The leafs of the central frame is a point of the window that can have problems with the transmittance of heat, and although there are solutions in PVC, these are limited because they can't be used on a powder coating process. In addition, the low tolerances of that material can present drawbacks in the closure. The best option are polyamide strips with a special geometry for this specific profile. This way its posible to ensure a proper thermal bridge and also, have the confidence that the slide will always close without problems thanks to the superior tolerances of the polyamide.

Polyamides for rails

As in the case of polyamides for the leaf of the central frame, the polyamides for rails fulfill the usual function of thermal breakture. Also, the tolerances in this part of the system play an important role, since their functionality depends precisely on a perfect geometry. By using polyamide, a smooth movement of the sheet is ensured.
All these options and their respective variants can be found in the standard catalogue.

Minimal sliding systems

Likewise, Technoform Bautec has developed exclusive polyamides for those customers who have designed minimal slide systems. These types of sliding windows are undoubtedly one of the market trends because their aesthetics attract the attention of architects, who usually choose them as part of important works where the open spaces are the protagonists.

The polyamide strips specific to minimal sliding windows can be summarized in two variants. On one hand are the so-called 'U's', which are used to house the glass where not only thermal transmittance plays an important role, but also high mechanical values ​​are needed to help achieve the frameless effect.

The other specific strip for these systems is placed in the frame profile. Its special geometry and its large dimensions, strengthen the system and provides a very effective isolation due to its cavities. Likewise, its mechanical features balance the union of the frames, something fundamental to guarantee the functionality of these modern sliding doors.