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Sep.2017. Academic excellence award

Sep.2017. Academic excellence award

Technoform Bautec, committed to its social environment, celebrated the IV edition of awards for academic excellence, since it considers education as a fundamental pillar for local and company development.

The event took place on September 6th in the Casas del tratado de Tordesillas. The best students of each local educational center have been awarded as a reward for their effort and commitment. It is a prize that includes a voucher to spend at local bookstores and a gift card.

This event is included within a framework of collaboration with the educational centers of Tordesillas, where Technoform collaborates with an economic support for projects of each center, this year the projects were dedicated to the area of ​​Science. Apart from the Technoform monetary aid, it participates in workshops, conferences and frequently invites students to visit the factory premises. Last year was joined to this framework of collaboration the Social Work of La Caixa, with the same contribution to each center.

The event was attended by Ms. Agustina García Muñoz, Provincial Director of Education of Valladolid, Mr. José Antonio González Poncela, Mayor of Tordesillas, Senator for the Socialist Party Emilio Álvarez Villazán, the finance manager of Technoform Inma Mediavilla, Jorge Cuesta as representative of la Caixa, Technoform Director, Cristian Clarasó, who this year will be the preacher of the festival of Tordesillas, and the protagonists of the event, the laureates students.

We congratulate the laureates again and are encouraged to continue this way.